EndNote X2 screws up my Windows Explorer!

Vista x64 Ultimate, SP1, MS Office 2007; latest EndNote X2, all updates as of Oct 17, 2008.

Windows Explorer(!) trouble after installing EndNote X2 (see above details): mouse cursor lagging, impossible to select multiple items in Windows Explorer etc. And, in general, a crappy Windows experience. All that happened only with Word 2007 open–something that took me a while to realize, after multiple trial and error cycles…  Started debugging, and after a good while realized that the culprit is EndNote’s Word 2007 add-on (after running Word w/o add-ons and working my way througs various add-on options). Couldn’t even disable the damned thing! Every time I disabled it, it came back after restarting Word. Judas priest! I could only get rid of it by uninstalling EndNote. Everything reverted back to normal, once I got rid of EndNote.

Now, will Thomson reimburse me for the extensive beta tester work I did? I figure I put in a good two full workdays of debugging.

Mm…yeah, I didn’t think so.

Buyers beware: stay away from this configuration (EndNote X2 + Word 2007) if you don’t feel like doing beta tester work for free.

Same here - Vista Ultimate x64, Office 2007, all updates, Endnote X2 fresh install.

Same problem.

Same solution.


Hello Aqualung,

There are known problems running EndNote on a 64 bit version of Windows.  You would want to open one blank document in Word 2007 with the EndNote tools loading.  In the EndNote X2 tab click on “Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to unformatted citations”.  Then switch to other programs, are they running normally?  The scanning that EndNote performs on the document in Word on a 64bit machine will cause other applications to run slowly.  You can try the steps in this FAQ to only disable portions of the Instant Formatting:


Any document that has already been created, you would want to back up and use the Convert to unformatted citations command.  To prevent Instant Formatting on new documents you would click on “Preferences” in the EndNote X2 tab of Word.  Uncheck the “Enable Instant Formatting on new Word documents” option.

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PTravis wrote: “There are known problems running EndNote on a 64 bit version of Windows.  You would want to open one blank document in Word 2007 with the EndNote tools loading.  In the EndNote X2 tab click on “Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to unformatted citations”.  Then switch to other programs, are they running normally?”

Many thanks for the suggestions, however I have now uninstalled EndNote from my computer. I will give it another try some other time, when my time permits, and when I am in the mood to volunteer as a beta tester. I, however, do not anticipate this happening anytime soon. You may, nevertheless, want to PM me in case Thomson releases a 64-bit-friendly EndNote edition: I would be willing to give it a try under the assumption that all 64-bit related issues have been ironed out. Until then, EndNote X2 is definitely not ready for comercial adoption, and I suggest that you not only stop advertising it as Vista x64-compatible, but display a conspicuous warning on the download page for potential x64 users.

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After upgrading to Vista 64 and discovering this problem with Word 2007, I’m extremely unhappy with Thomson Reuters. After all this time since these problems were reported (at least back to July on these forums), nothing appears to be done to fix it except for disabling major portions of tool functionality.

In case you haven’t noticed, all new Intel Core i7 and AMD Phenom-based systems are 64-bit.  This problem is only going to get worse as people upgrade their computers.  Please stop ignoring the problem and fix it as soon as possible.


I have had the exact same problems with Endnote X2.  I had installed it then updated it to include the latest updates as of 12-14-08.  I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit version.  My windows explorer slowed down TREMENDOUSLY, I had to wait as long as 15-20 seconds before I could even open a different tab that was already open in the task bar.  I was using Microsoft Office 2007 (Word 2007).  I was able to switch from a word document to the open endnote program quickly using the quicklink button in Word and in Endnote, but when I clicked on tabs in the task bar it would take 15-20 seconds to change over.  EVERYTHING on my computer was affected as long as Endnote X2 was open.  This is not a minor issue, this is a MAJOR issue.  I have since uninstalled Endnote X2 and my computer runs like it normally did (super-fast).  Please fix this problem, because the program is absolutely useless otherwise.  Thank you for your time.

I too have had the same problem with Endnote and have given up on Thomson Reuters.  The Vista 64 bit issue is NOT resolved.  Strange that nearly all other software works with Vista64, but Endnote is not up to speed with the rest.

I highly recommend to use Biblioscape (www.biblioscape.com).  Although you have to go through an RTF conversion for formatting documents (which will likely become more transparent with future updates), this is by far a superb reference software, and it works under Vista 64.  Additionally, tech support is prompt and very responsive, which is quite the opposite of Thomson Reuters and Endnote.

I have been an Endnote/Reference Manager user for 11 years, and now have officially switched to Biblioscape. 

I really think that Endnote has lost their footing in reference database software.  Time for change.  The better choice now is Biblioscape.  I believe a new edition of Biblioscape will be out soon, too.

I do not expect THompson to fix this until the X-teenth version or so. They have proved to be slow in bug fixes and updates so far. And even for small feature improvements like “tags” they release new versions and ask for more money.

Anyway, I am also a finishing Ph.D. Student and can not afford to switch to another biblio program for now. (You bet I will as soon as I can, Thompson) As a strategy for survival I disabled Endnote’s Word-plugin altogether by erasing the plugin files mentioned here:


What a relief. Now I can just copy and paste formatted references from Endnote. Old school.

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I would try BiblioExpress.  This is a freeware version of Biblioscape.

The student discount is well worth the price when compared to the substandard product produced by Thomson Reuters.

Endnote/RefMan missed the boat, train, car, airplane and everything else on this one, and doubtful they will recover from it.

BiblioExpress (freeware) can be downloaded from the www.biblioscape.com website.


That’s a fu***** joke, isn’t it?? It took me two hours to crack this programm and know it doesn’t even work at a 64bit system??? :smiley: