Endnote killer lag under Vista X64

Just bought a new laptop with Intel duo core 2 running Vista Home Premium 64-bit version, all excited to finish my dissertation on a computer with some speed. Then I opened word 2003… The entire computer slows to a crawl. Clicking on the Start button can require 10 seconds for the start menu to actually open. This happens even if the document in Word is a single page in length with no citations. I traced to problem to Endnote. In fact, the problem vanished when I uninstalled Endnote. My desperation turned to hope when I found this tech article on the Endnote website: http://www.endnote.com/support/faqs/Install/faq28.asp

It claims “you may find that there is a noticeable lag when performing certain basic functions in Windows. For example, you may see a delay when switching between open applications or when bringing up the Start menu. We have identified a workaround that prevents this lag.”

I added the bold myself because after following the instructions word-for-word for their “workaround” I found that nothing changed. Endnote simply kills my computer running Vista X64.

I know from other websites that a lot of people have this problem. Has anyone found a solution? If not, can anyone recommend a different citation manager that I can switch to so that I can actually finish my dissertation and graduate? I’m back to desperate here!

Thank you for any suggestions.


no good news for you: same problem here…the “workaround” mitigatet my problem to an extent, that i can work with word and endnote at least…but its definitely not fixed…

@Thomson: What about an official statement?



I’m experiencing the same problem. I’m running Vista 64 Home Premium, Endnote X2 and Office 2007. The lag appears only when I try to use the process bar (switching applications, using the start menu, etc.) When I switch applications by clicking on their window there’s no lag. I tried unchecking the two options in the Endnote tab in Word. That did not solve my problem. The lag is annoying and needs to be fixed desperately.


Well I can make one suggestion to you based on my own experience. Even though X2 was supposed to fix all the 64-bit problems, it seems to work even worse than X1. I uninstalled X2 and put X1 back on my 64-bit machine, THEN I unchecked the two options as it says in the workaround and now the lag is gone for the most part. So X2 is definitely defective and apparently created more problems than it fixed.

Where I’m still having the huge lag issue is when I open Outlook 2003. I know that Outlook opens Word in the background as its mail editor and, therefore, it opens the Endnote add-in with word. However, I doubled checked the CWYW options from the Endnote menu item in EndNote and the options are unchecked. But the lag is still there just like it was under Word before I unchecked the options. This just isn’t going to work. I need to finish my PhD and I can’t wait around for a year or two while Thomson figures this one out. Anyone have a suggestion for reference software other than RefWorks? That’s my last resort but it may be the only one…

Well… I’ve a solution. It’s not perfect (it still slows a little), but it’s nothing compared to the killer lag everyone experience. Here is my advice to you… at first it is a little troublesome, but trust me… you will get used to it quickly.

This has been tested with Word 2007 using Endnote X2, working under Vista 64-bit.

If you are working on a document loaded with Endnote references, always keep second empty document open. Do not switch back to the system (e.g. desktop) directly… instead first switch to the empty document, and then you can use Vista at (almost) normal speed.

It helps… really :slight_smile:


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Wow, this is infuriating… How can a major software product be incompatbile with Vista X64 this late in the game!  I’m totally getting screwed here…  I love how the recent update just entirely ignored this issue…

 Edit:  I followed the tech support suggestion ‘correctly’ this time… I used Alt+3 and disabled the two checkboxes.  It appears to have fixed the issed more or less completely.   

Still it’s ridiculous and does nothing to change the reputation of Endnote being buggy crap.

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