Endnote X2, Word 2003, Windows XP, the "unknown error" and 2 recent Windows Updates...

Hello all,

This morning, I installed 2 windows updates (KB973687 and KB976098).

I  then started working with Endnote - Windows XP, MS Word 2003, Endnote X2. 

So far, I have had no issues with end note on this machine (it has been installed for the last 6 months). I have worked with large documents containing 300+ references, and small documents. No issues…

Well today, my problems started. I got the “unknown error” message. This comes up  when I try and change the page number of a reference by clicking on ‘Edit Citation’.Once I enter the page number and press ok, the error happens. It doesn’t happen every time I change the page number - just occasionally. Word then crashes, and restarts… If you have not been saving regularly, you are indeed doomed.

After reading and following the recommendations in an endnote support document (http://www.endnote.com/support/Faqs/CWYW/faq53.asp), I thought things would be fine. Sadly the error continued.

I then realised that this issue only started after those two windows updates were installed earlier in the morning.

I have now uninstalled the windows updates and I am seeing if the error comes up again…

Since it doesn’t happen every time I change a page number, it is hard to replicate.

KB973687’s description says: "Install this update to prevent applications from sending too many HTTP requests while a well-known Document Type Definition (DTD) is included. "

KB97609’s description says: “Install this update to resolve issues caused by revised daylight saving time and time zone laws in several countries.”

I was curious, has anyone else suffered from this error since installing windows updates KB973687 and KB976098? The two updates are linked since one will not uninstall properly without also uninstalling the other.

I use similar config: XP Pro SP3, Word 2003, but use X3.0.1.

I confirmed the same XP updates have been installed several days ago.

I tested several of my Word documents with a style that has cited pages in the in-text citation template, but couldn’t reproduce what you’ve experienced. I can’t be 100% sure, but I don’t think your symptom is relevant to the XP updates, given the description of the update.

You could troubleshoot by unformatting your document, make it a plain text (of course you lose other formatting by doing this, so do it with your back up), open it with Word and start formatting again with Endnote. If the new document still has the instability, then somewhere in the EN or Word (or OS, less likely) has some problems. If the new document is stable, your old document had some problems.

I wonder if this could have anything to do with it…

" ‘Black screen of death’ sparks Microsoft investigation "


So far today, the problem has not re-appeared for me. I will continue testing throughout the day and report back.

After a few hours without an error - the problem remains in the original document.

I will try tonight to reconstruct a new document to see if the error persists.