Endnote X3 Mac problem!

Hello, hope somebody can help me out with this:

I use Endnote X3 together with Word on my Mac. As I write my article, I wish to edit one of my citations inserted into Word, so that they include a page number. I open the edit citation option by right-clicking the citation in the text, and in the Edit Citation box that appears, I enter the page number. So far so good.

But upon entering “insert” I am presented with the following error message:  "No matching references found for “Cope, 1999, Multiliteracies (…)”. Thus, I’m not able to enter the page numbers into the citation.

What bugs me is that the citation I’m trying to edit is NOT the reference called “Cope, 1999 etc.”, although it appears as a citation elsewhere in the text.


To add the page numbers you do not need to click “insert”.  Simply add the numbers as you did and close the “Edit Citations” box.

The “Insert” button is used to add another reference to the group of citation highlighted in the left box. 

If you want to add another reference, click “Insert” button and it opens the “Search” box. This box usually contains a previous reference you searched for.  Simply clear the search box and enter the author you are looking for.

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That simple… thanks.