Inserting page numbers

Hi. I’m trying out EndNote with Word 2008 on the Mac. I am struggling to find a straightforward way to include page numbers in the citations. With instant formatting turned on, it seems I first have to insert the citation, then right click on the formatted citation, select edit citations, then more, and only then can I add page numbers in the form and have them inserted into the citation. That seems very longwinded. Isn’t there a quicker way? Thanks for any response.

Yes, turn off CWYW and add the page numbers after an @ sign {Guo, 2004 #6496@212-213}  or if you are using the suffix, then just add the text and pages {Guo, 2004 #6496 pgs 212-213}.  CWYW is pretty, but I work with it off most of the time.  Using the @ or cited pages field also means that the style needs to include Cited pages in the Citation template, or they will just disappear.

P.S. added in edit - You turn off CWYW in the 3rd tab of the format bibliography/paper option of endnote in Word and you turn it off on all newly created documents in the edit>preferences in endnote.

Why would you want to add page numbers as a suffix? (honest and naive question) 

Because then you don’t need to edit each style to include the cited pages field.