Re: Apple Pages

that’d good. yup.

hey has anyone had any luck with x3 and pages 09? when i try to [Insert: endnote citation] the window that pops up doesn’t integrate with my endnote library. it is totally empty of any citations.

and in endnote itself my [insert citation] button is not selectable.


Using X3 and Pages is different than using Endnote and Word. The pop up window you are referring to is a search window. Type something in the top space and then push return. It will search your library for the term you’ve type. It is sort of a pain.

thanks for that!!!

ok so when i do choose a citation it inserts an “all fields” version like this:

Reference Type:  Journal Article

Record Number: 4

Author: M. R. a. B. Shaw

Year: 2003

Title: Stazione di Topolo: Changing the World or Escaping it?

Journal: Third Text

Volume: 17

Issue: 2

Pages: 183-194

Start Page: 183

Date: 04/2003

Short Title: Stazione di Topolo: Changing the World or Escaping it?

Call Number: 1.4

Keywords: phone ringing healing 

Abstract: An annual art festifal in the culture torn village in the mountains in Italy, helps slavic and italians reconcile theier differences as well as the issues for such a remote community in the global age.

Language: EN

when i really want something like this:

Shaw, M. R. a. B. (2003). “Stazione di Topolo: Changing the World or Escaping it?” Third Text 17 (2): 183-194. 

So… No matter my settings for viewing a citation in endnote x3 when i insert them from the insert search window in pages 09 the are inserted in a ‘show all fields format’ like this:

Reference Type:  Journal Article

Record Number: 8

Author: A. Finegan

Year: 2009

Title: Eugenia Raskopoulos

Journal: Eyeline

Volume: 69

Issue: 2

Pages: 42-46

Start Page: 42

Date: June, 2009

Short Title: Eugenia Raskopoulos

Call Number: 1.6

Keywords: Language Body bodies besser brick house

even if i change the citation style to ‘author date’ (generic) in x3 it is inserted as above and not like this

Finegan, A. (2009). “Eugenia Raskopoulos.” Eyeline 69 (2): 42-46. 

i cant fine any options on the search and insert window that comes up in pages. oh how i ever so want endnote to work with pages. i have word 2008 but do not want to have to use it. 

thanks heaps! 

When you change the output style in Endnote you must shut down both Endnote and Pages for the change to take effect. 

sorry whatever,

this must be tedious for you. from the beginning of our correspondence with the whole, I_ didn’t bother to press ‘search’ because i expected the ‘insert search’ window to start popping up with options as soon as I started typing thing,_ but I did try the above method. and I tried it again and again. I tried changing styles in both the tool bar and in the Edit : Output Styles menu. I close both programs and still i get the all info format. is there possibely a step i’m missing when changing styles in x3???

again my apologies for my simplicity… 

so after trying a slew of random ***edit***e I have discovered that on my x3 i must:

  •  change the bottom window from preview to search  in x3
  •  then close the pages and x3
  • then re-open pages
  • command+shift e
  • done

rather strange if it’s not so complicated for others but at least it works