EndNote double citations in the text

Hi everybody,

I’m having a problem with EndNote X7 using Word 2010. When I add a new citation in the middle of the document, EndNote updates the order of the citations, but the previous citations don’t disappear. Instead they keep remaining in the same position in the document just beside the new citations. It happens everytime you update the citations, even if you have changed nothing in the document, your citations will appear once again. Moreover the hyperlink is lost and references become simple text. I attach here below a short example of this problem

“According to the Rayleigh criterion [2][2][2][3]…”. In the previous version the citation was [3], I have delated citation [2] and now a [2] appears everytime I update all citations or I change something. On the contrary, if a citation doesn’t change (in this example the [1]) it saves the hyperlink and it is not duplicated everytime.

What’s happening? I have tried to disinstall and reinstall EndNote but it didn’t work.


In my experience, without sharing the document, it is hard to see what is happening - conversion to plain text is unexpected and worrying.  Is anyone openning the document in a different word processor?  – like open office, etc?  That will corrupt word fields even if saved in a word compatible format.  Talk directly with tech support or PM another user, (like me) and perhaps we can share the document thru google drive or dropbox.