Endnote X4 crashes Word 2010 on exit

I’ve recently upgraded both Endnote and Word, from Endnote X3 and Word 2007 to Endnote X4 and Word 2010. Now whenever I close a document after editing it, Word hangs. When I re-open that document, Word tells me that the template has been changed. If I start a new document and close it this doesn’t happen; the problem seems to appear only when I close a pre-existing document.

I’ve checked Word options and all the Add-ins are active. Endnote is definitely the culprit because Word works fine after I uninstall Endnote X4. Also, if I manually remove the CWYW templates before closing the document, Word does not hang, but I don’t want to do this every time I open a Word document.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Is there a possible fix for the issue?

have you updated to EndnoteX4.0.2?  Make sure  Outlook or Word are not running when you run the update. 

Was a previous installation of Endnote on thie computer?  If so, you may want to ensure there are no earlier version of the endnote associated macros (.DOT, .DLLs).  I often go so far as to seach the computer for en* files (searching hidden folders) and delete any endnote assocaited files from the registry, if have crash problems on a specif machine.  Then do a clean instal and make sure the version is updated.

I did as suggested: clean uninstall and rooted out all the remnant X4 reg files from the registry. Then I installed Endnote X5 this time, and once again the same problem occurred. Word 2010 opens and closes new documents fine, but whenever I open a previously-saved doc, Word crashes on exit and the template is somehow modified.

Is no one else having this problem?

We have received reports of a compatibility issue with the Send to Bluetooth add-in. Your problem sounds similar so look to see if that add-on is installed and disable it if it is. Does the crash go away?

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

I ended up e-mailing the Endnote Support team and after a little troubleshooting the culprit was indeed Intel’s Send to Bluetooth Com. Alas, simply disabling it doesn’t solve the problem as it reloads after Word is restarted; I couldn’t remove it in Word either because that required administrator access. In the end, I went to Program Files>Intel>Bluetooth and renamed the originating .dll (btmoffice.dll) and that prevented the Com from loading. So… problem solved :slight_smile:

I don’t use the Send to Bluetooth feature, but if someone else requires it then a permanent solution will have to wait till Intel or Thomson Reuters comes up with a fix.