Endnote X4 and Word 2003


I’m running Word 2003/ Windows XP Pro SP3. I recently installed Endnote X4, and since then I word almost always crashes on start-up. I think Endnote is gutting the template, because i can repair it/start from a pre-existing word document, and word will be stable for a while, but not long. 

Is this a known problem? are there workarounds? 

Thanks for any help!


I run X4 and 2003 and don’t see any problems.  Was there a previous version of Endnote that you updated?  Are there multile toolbars when you look at the Tools>Templates & Add-in list? 


Well, the problem appears to more than just x4, so I may have jumped the gun. the Word problem arose after installing x4, but a de-install, followed by a deep clean of registry didn’t solve the problem. I’m standing at the brink of a reformatting, filled with dread… But thank you for your response! And fingers Xd that it ISNT a conflict that puts your system in danger…