Endnote X4 database destroyed - what to do?


Today I have found that my database are destroyed. I tried to fix through TOOLS - RECOVER DATABASE, but it says 0 references are recovered.

Since I have used Dropbox to share my database on 2 different machines, I have a few backup-versions of the files. But when I restore the files, I get an really old version of my database on the machine. I miss several of my groups and the total of refs are 168. I know i registered no 285 2 weeks ago.

Are there some way to try to find the missing 100 refs?

Do you have the original data folder for the destroyed library file intact?

If yes, you can try to fix the library in the following way:

Remove old library file (.enl file) to another folder.

Create an empty notepad file and store it in the same folder where the data folder is located (NOT within the data folder, but at the same level)! The new file must have the same name as the old library and given the file extension .enl.

Mylibrary.enl   (if the datafolder’s name is Mylibrary.Data)

You can then open the new file in EndNote using File → Open (do not use the shortcut to the old file).

If you are lucky, the original library will now be restored if the data folder is undamaged. This work sometimes, but I have too little experience with this recovery method in real cases to promise anything.

Best wishes

Jan Ove

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I would be cautious about using Endnote in conjunction with Dropbox.  See this Dropbox forum thread:



Takk, Parabuthus.

As for those not living in the same city as we do, his suggestion to my problem worked. As for using Dropbox, I am not sure if it is DropBox that is the problem. This might as well have been an HDD-failure on my machine. I will be taking a backup of my library still though. No need to get my heart-rate up if I can avoid it :slight_smile:

Once again, thank you so much for the help.