Endnote X4 Mac & Office 2011 Compatibility?

With Endnote X4 for Mac slated for release this summer, and Microsoft Office 2011 with a (likely) release date near the end of the year, what are the Thomson-Reuters plans for compatibility? Are you all actively testing with the betas released by Microsoft? I will be upgrading to Office 2011 on Day One (the betas have won me over) and if Endnote X3 were to stop working with the new version, I’d be in a pretty deep pile. My decision to purchase X4 for Mac hinges on promised compatibility with Office 2011.  Any guarantees?

PS I do NOT use Office 2008 because it’s a PoS, so purchasing X4 with the guarantee that “it’ll work with Office 2008” is meaningless. :slight_smile:

I second this. Office 2011 looks amazing, and I’d like X4 to work with it.

This is also something I am concerned about.

Testing it on the Beta 6 version of 2011, Endnote X4 does not work. Way to go Reuters. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a long standing Research Academic, I too require that this issue is settled early and on time with Mac Office 2011 release.   Surely skilled and competent software developers with/at Thomson Reuter would always assure their products are released with correctly coded apps that work on Mac OS X and Mac Office 2011 as timely and as correctly as versions released for Windows.  Surely?

It’s a pity that with the formal release of Microsoft Office 2011 Mac on Oct 26 2010 there’s still no update to fix the compatibility issue.

I got a copy of Endnote X4, just right before recognizing that it doesn’t work with my copy of Office:mac 2011. In another threat someone from the team answers and gives “the first quarter of 2011” (!!!) as release date.

MS office betas are out there since months. This would at least allow a X4 beta plugin by now. If you would say maybe early December, I’d not even complain. But this is a bad joke for a programme that across the counter costs 250 EUR and for most of us has only one purpose: To work with Word.

It’s a shame that my university still wastes money on your software’s volume licenses. I’ll write a complaint to our ZID.

Christian Brauchle

University of Vienna

IF you just upgraded from Office 2008 to Office 2011 for Mac, then you still have both versions of Office.  It is possible to drag citations from Endnote into the word 2011 document. To format the citations, quit Word 2011, and open the document in word 2008, CWYW will automatically create the bibliography and format in-text citations.

I don’t have the time to fiddle, (though I appreciate the suggestion of a complex work around to help).  If you are in the academic ‘publish or perish’ employment sector, like me, our productivity is smack bang reliant on Endnote for Mac simply ‘working’ with all new Office for Mac word releases and same features as Windows Endnotes.  That’s the sign of a professional outfit in our game.  Endnote is a fabulous product, but the patch for Mac users must be quick and timely to allow us to advocate (for free), its virtues.

Can Thomson, at least post regular notices: so that we know  1) they are working on the patch right now, and 2) when they hope a public beta or updater patch will be released.  At least this tells us you are interested in what we post here, and also helps us plan our down time, in the mean time.

Sadly there is no response from Thomson Reuters–one post places a patch in the first quarter of 2011, which could be 6 months away, and likely when they start selling version X5…

Registered users should petition Thomson Reuters to provide X5 free of charge to all Mac X4 users who cannot use the product with the intended Word 2011 (for Mac).  

This is incredibly annoying, since I *just this morning* uninstalled my old copy of Office! 

However, I notice that Apple’s Pages app runs EN X4 just fine. I’ve been liking Pages more and more. Maybe it’s time to make the switch.

Or Bookends-it works with Word 2011.  Support lacking on Endnote’s side of the bargain, I’m afraid.

I am deeply upset about the lack of response from ThomsonReuters!  I have been a loyal supporter of their Endnote product over the years, but it is as if they really don’t care that we can’t use Endnote X4  with Word for Mac 2011.  WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET THE PATCH!!! It is not as if you didn’t know about the Office for Mac upgrade!  Deeply disappointing and very unsatisfactory to say the least.  I will be seriously thinking about alternatives to Endnote in the future!

There is a separate thread on the forum about this issue so I recommend tracking/posting to that one going forward.


Mathilda, the EndNote team

Hi everyone

I’m sure you have all sussed this now, but for anyone who is investigating this issue still, a free update is available from Endnote for X4 users. It can be downloaded here:


I am using Office for Mac 2011 and have just tested this update, which works perfectly - phew!

Thanks for sorting it Reuters.