X4 & Word 2011, Mac

Since X3 (Windows) is not recommended for use with MS Word 2010, is it a safe guess that X4 for Mac will not be compatible with MS Word for Mac 2008? 

If so, then since X4 (Mac) will be released before MS 2011 for Mac, what to do? Enter new references into X4, enter them into both X3 & X4? I ask since I need to recommend purchase of both X4 for Mac and MS for Mac 2011, and I know this question will come up. Any thoughts?


EndNote X4 for Mac will be compatible with MS Word 2008. We are also planning to release an X4 update with Word 2011 compatibility later in the year.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Thanks for the update.

Good to know! Thanks

Hi Mathilda

Can you give an approximate time frame for this update? We work with X3 and Word 2008 and would like to update to X4 and 2011 as soon as possible.

Thank you!


yes, it would be nice to have x4 compatible with word. obviously.

How will I know when X4 will work with Office 2011?  Right now I have both on my MacBook Pro and will need to use Word 2008 until this update takes place.  I really like 2011 and want to be able to use it ASAP.  Also, will X4 work with either 2008 or 2011 if both are installed or do I have to choose one or the other?

Thank you.

Cathy Wells

Mee too. I avoided Office 2008 (Mac) like the plague but now I have to revert to Office 2004 when using EndNote. 

Hi Florian - We are still working out the timeline so I don’t have a firm estimate to share now but should within the next week or so. 

Sorry, I am curious what the issue is with Mac 2008 office.  I am using X3 and Office 2008 for Mac without any problems.  Haven’t tried X4 as the benefits it offers are not worth the added cost for me at the moment.

It has been more than a week since the promise of a release date for an update that will allow us to use Word 2011. 

Are you really working on it?  Can we have an update? 

You really owe us, loyal customers, some information on when you will deal with this major problem.

I jus purchased Endnote X4… God, it can’t work with my office 2011 in Mac…What can I do?

get your money back?

I apologize for the delayed response and for the incovenience many of you have expressed. There are several threads about this issue in this forum, and I now notice that I posted to another thread that the end of year ETA was pushed into early 2011. I don’t have a firm release date that I can share other than that rough timeframe but you may want to refer to this post, http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-General/Currently-no-support-in-Endnote-X4-for-Office-2011-for-Mac/m-p/12956/highlight/true#M4130,  that mentions the availability of a beta. Please repost there or send me a private message if you are interested in participating.

Mathilda, the EndNote team

have just downloaded the trial version of endnote x4 for use on my macbook pro and using Word 2011.

How do I use this version of endnote with Word 2011. It doesn’t seem to work with it yet.

The endnote toolbar is nowhere to be seen! Also the cite while you write has all the options greyed out.

Please note that  other threads point to a public beta of X4 to work with Word 2011.   See here for more details.