Will X3 support Word 2011?

Hi everyone. I have read about that X4 will support the newest word 2011 on mac later this year. However, X4 seems unable to update some pdf index at start up (my guess is my library has some chm documents and some pdfs are scanned and huge, so that EndNote can’t understand a thing and thus gets stuck.) and leaves me no choice but stay with the fast and simple X3. As long as X4 doesn’t provide a method to shut down that naughty annoying pdf indexing and X3 keeps working perfectly, I don’t think I will migrate.

The only question is now, will Thomson Reuters also provide X3 with CWYW U for word 2011 like they did for X1 with 2008 years ago?


We are working on a free update to EndNote X4 for the Macintosh that will include both CWYW compatibility with the upcoming Word 2011 and a fix for the PDF indexing issue. We do not yet have a firm release date for this but it will likely be early in 2011.

EndNote X3 will not be updated for CWYW compatibility with Word 2011.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I work at institution will a site license to EndNote, and a user has just reported the problem with the “pdf index” error on his Mac. He contacted EndNote tech support and was advised to send his library to them to have it “repaired.” Is there any indication of the prevalence of this problem? Should we expect many other users to have the same problem? If so, I suppose we have no choice but to go back to version X3 until a fix is available in the vague near future. 

I have the same problem with the indexing crashing when I first load up X4.