EndNote X4 What's New?


Other than compatability with Word 2010, what are some of the new features of the upcoming X4 product? 

It’d be too bad to upgrade to X4 for just the compatability I need with Word.



Let me tell you, even some folks here are X4 beta testers, they are bound to confidentiality of the beta testing, so they can’t disclose in public or in private. Unless somebody from Thomson Reuter releases the information before the release, you probably won’t get answer for your question.

I was going to say that it indexes the PDFs as well, but I can’t get it to work.  It starts and shows me the splash screen but that’s as far as it gets, so I’ll have to go back to X3. 

Definitely test before paying your money

Yeah, I think I’m off to Mendeley Bay.

It takes a long time, if you have alot of PDFs to index.  It is extremely important not to close it during that process.  

A few more details might be helpful here. EndNote X4 will index [and then be able to search] attached PDFs stored in the EndNote Library Data folder. If opening a library from an older version of EndNote, the index needs to be created. As Leanne notes, if you have many PDFs, this might take a bit of time but should only need to be done once - the first time you do a search against the PDF-related fields. After the index is created, the searching and sorting performance should be fine.

EndNote X4 is not designed to index or search PDF files that are not stored in the library Data folder.

Is this what folks are experiencing? Mention of the “splash screen” in particular is quite curious as that should only display at initial start-up of EndNote and should not be related to PDF indexing or searching in any way. In our internal and beta testing of X4 we did not come across this issue.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Endnote X4 automatically add hyperlink between citation and bibliography. Although I saw some of my friends can use X3 to do this (add hyperlink to citation or bib), I still don’t know how to do this automatically. With X4, it is no longer matter.

One more advantage is the number of reference processed in word document are included on the left side panel.

If I can give a comment, it would be the QUICK SEARCH tool still only work with exact word phrase. This will limit the power of the software. Indeed, the manufacturer can leave a “quotation mark.” Many people think this is an error than a search rule.

Anyway, to me EN is fantastic.

Besides anything else, wildcard in the search is a big + for me.

I still want boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) in a single search line, but one thing at a time.

You might find your solution here:

EndNote X4 fails to update the PDF index

JJust to add an update to Jason’s notes about PDF indexing, we were able to expand the indexing beyond relative linked PDFs. So PDFs attached with absolute links will also be indexed. 

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Is there any way I can turn off this ‘hyperlink’ feature.  I don’t want to go to the reference at the end - I trust Endnote to format this correctly.  What I do more often is to insert a second reference within an existing citation.  This is tricky because the hyperlink takes me elsewhere when I click on it.

In the format bibliography dialog, you can turn off hyperlinking.  You should probably insert a citation  just outside of it, otherwise you may corrupt the field. I also set my hyperlinking behavior, so that I need to Ctrl click not just click to follow a hyperlink, which keeps me from jumping when I don’t want to jump.