Endnote X5 add-in not working in Word 2010

I have just purchased the upgrade from Endnote X4 to Endnote X5 and I am unable to make Endnote X5 appear in Word 2010 like all my previous versions did. I have been through ALL the verious recommendations ( 2 days wasted) on the Endnote website - none of then are working.

Is this a bug in Endnote X5? It would’ve been great if their website warned me before I purchased the upgrade.

So, is this where I depart from Endnote - after many years of extensive use? Simply the X5 add-in (CWYC) does not work.

Can anybody help!!!

If not, Mendeley here I come.


Call or email tech support.

ditto, it works fine for me (64 bit word 2010). (Does your machine have a "send to blue-tooth add in? Tthere have been reports of conflict with that.)