CWYW not working after upgrade to windows 7


I purchased a downloadable copy of Endnote x5 for use with windows vista. A little while later I did a clean install on my computer to upgrade to windows 7 following all the guidelines re: transferring programmes (using windows upgrade manager). Endnote still exists and i can use it to download citations to and manage my library etc. however I can’t get CWYW to work with word (2010 32 bit): the tab doesn’t show up and while there are some endnote buttons under the ‘add-ins’ tab in word none of them work (it says file not found).

I went to repair the programme in the control panel but endnote doesn’t show up in my list of programs. I think when I upgraded I just copied the program over into program files rather than re-installing it as I got a downloadable version and I didn’t know how to download it again as I had already used my link which had expired.

I tried running the commands as suggested in CMD but it says the file location is wrong.

I went in to folder view and clicked hidden files etc. but can’t see anything about CWYW in word options (inactive/disabled etc.).

Any suggestions on how I might get it working or how I might be able to re-install endnote as I don’t have a cd I just clicked on the link sent in an e-mail (does this serve me right for not forking out the extra cash for the hard copy??? :frowning: )

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It’s odd that X5 isn’t listed among the programs (when viewed via the Control Panel’s “Programs” option). You may need to reinstall X5 (post upgrading to Windows 7) so suggest you call/email tech supportfor assistance especially since you didn’t make a copy of the downloaded file as a backup precaution. Since you have an upgrade “key” for having purchased the EndNote upgrade, it seems reasonable that some accommodation might be extended to you. (Click the “Click here for our Business hours and holiday schedule” link for international contact info.)

According to the EndNote Knowledge Base there’s an alternative method (apart from “Repair”) for installing CWYW in Windows7/Vista.  If EndNote X5 was affected by the Windows upgrade this method may not apply but if you wish to investigate further, the instructions are listed below. If you are unsure about proceeding, suggest you stop and immediately contact tech support.

  1. Go to the start menu. In the search box here, type: CMD Hold down SHIFT and CTRL and hit the Enter Key. You will be prompted to approve the “Windows Command Processor.” Choose “Continue”.

  2. At the prompt type:  CD “C:\Program Files\Common Files\ResearchSoft\Cwyw\15”
    Note that if you have common files installed in a different location, you would need to find this CWYW folder in that other location.

  3. From this folder, run the command: regsvr32 “EndNote Cwyw.dll”

Thanks so much for your reply.

Unfortunately I had tried the command prompt already but it comes up as file location not found-which presumably would make sense if it’s not listed as a programme.

I intended to make a copy of the download file but when i clicked on the link it just downloaded it and I never figured out how to save it before it was installed. I have whatever was on my old system on an external harddrive and it has all the endnote folders but no set up files (or none that I can identify as setup files anyway).

As I bought it through my university system I have to deal with thier IT support rather than endnote’s and I’m studying by distance learning abroad so can’t do it in person but I may be able to get someone by e-mail and hopefully get it reinstalled as I still have all the details of the product key etc.

Thanks again, much appreciated.



I intended to make a copy of the download file but when i clicked on the link it just downloaded it and I never figured out how to save it before it was installed. 

BTW, before clicking on an active link try placing your cursor on the link then right-click to see if a submenu comes up and has the option: Save target as.   If so, click to select “Save target as” which will then display the “Save As” window. If the displayed file name is an .exe type of file (not HTML) then save the program to the designated section of your computer.

Thanks- good to know :smiley: