EndNote X5 and MS Word 2010 Equation Editor conflict

I failed to find a solution online and though I would turn to this community for help.

I am using EndNote X5 Add-In in Word 2010 along with the Equation Editor. Everytime the Citation and Bibliography is updated or after I have inserted a Citation, I get a “Select Matching Reference” window. By the look of it, the Add-In is looking for matching references within my equations, so the  “Select Matching Reference” window has part of an equation entered in the “Find” field and “No matching references found” below. 

If I click “Ignore”, it does another search with another (seemingly) random part of my equation. “Ignore All”, naturally, gets rid of the window and the process of updating the libraries continues.

Thank you in advance. 

I expect the equations have curly brackets and so do the endnote temporary citaions. The easiest way to avoid this, is to change your temporary citaion symbols for endnote to use square brackets instead.  If you also use square brackets in your writing then chose any pair of unique characters,  (& and $ or whatever).  There are two places you can do this in Endnote.  On the fly in a word document - this is a option in the format bibliography dialog.  For all documents, the setting is in edit>preferences in Endnote.