Matching temporary citation


I’m using endnote x8 and word 2010. I’m trying to match my temporary citation markers to the list of endnote references, however, some don’t work. When it gets to certain temporary markers, the list of refferences appears incomplete, missing the references I need for those markers. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Thank you!

I really don’t understand what you are saying or seeing.  Perhaps some screen shots?  (they need to be jpg to attach to the forum reply). 

what do you mean by “citation markers”? 

I’m having some trouble attaching files to this message so i’ll do my best to explain.

I’ve created an endnote library, which contains the 22 references I wish to use. However, when I’m trying to match those references on Word (endnote tab>bibliography>update citations and bibliography), I only get some of the references from my library as options (for example, for [38], only two references are shown; however, for [6], all 22 references are shown). 

I’ve already matched almost all of my references with no problem, using numbers in between brakets to mark their place in the text (like [3]) and then matching them to the references from my library. It’s just that some don’t seem to work. 

Hope you can understand what I’m explaining.

It doesn’t sound like you are using the correct “temporary markers” for your citations.  You should insert from endnote so it contains the record number or maybe label field would work for you?  I suspect endnote is expecting your “number” to be in the matching records?  so it only brings up records that happen to have that number in them.  

Have you watched any training videos to understand how to use the program?