Endnote X5 error for Word 2007,

I have been using EndNote X5 for a few years and have had great success so far until Yesterday. I am writing my thesis so every day I am opening the same document and citing my sources continually each day, so they build up a significant bibliography. However yesterday it started have a problem when I went to insert a citation, it either cited an article I had not clicked on for it to cite, or when it did cite that correct article, it switched the citations in the following sentences to completely different citations. So I have to exit out of the document and not save anything I’ve done because I can’t get it to undo what it has done. I’m stuck right now, not being able to add anything since it is causing this switch. I thought it could be that I had a virus on my computer, and I have done several scans and gotten rid of whatever there was there, and today I tried to write again only to have the same thing happen again.  Do I need to update my endnote software? I hate to do this because the last time I did, I had to add all my articles one by one back into the program and I have over 300 articles.

Thank you for your help! I’m at my wit’s end!

Due to the severity and urgency of this issue, I highly recommend contacting our support team right away. This is not the kind of issue that will be easy to fix via the forum, I’m afraid.