EndNote X5 Highlights

Question about Endnote Web:  Is it free with Endnote?  I followed an Endnote upgrade path and somehow never found out whether it was or not, since I’ve never used that feature before.  I don’t know whether to register for it or not, and I can’t find any such information on the help or on any place on the Thomson Reuters web site.

Two years (from registration date), I believe are free.

Before I buy Endnote X5 I’d like to know if the CWYW issue with Pages has been addressed – is it now possible to update a reference in Endnote and then refresh it in Pages to get the updated reference or has this STILL not been fixed? It makes Endnote irrelevant and seems like it should be a priority.


I would very much like to know what changes and/or improvements have been made as a result of the many suggestions and reports of problems posted on this forum with regard to navigation and editing. What, besides handling of PDF documents (should this be useful to a given user), is a serious enticement to upgrade because it fixes problems that have angered users for months and slowed down their work? What problems have been fixed? I am sure that users would so much appreciate going through a detailed list of such modification.


The request for information about improvements should rather target version X6, which is due in August. You can see a (very short) list of new features at <http://www.endnote.com/>. I can only second “tulipo” by saying that lots of users would very much like to see a list of the bugs that have been fixed and of the tiny improvements here and there that might make their life easier when using the software.