release notes for X7.1 (Windows)


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* Enhanced user experience for Find Full Text

* Enhanced Sync to include Combined and Smart Groups

* Improved PDF annotation tools

* Search terms from Quick Search results are highlighted in the Library Window

* Expanded reference data is returned from importing PDF files

* Improved Find Full Text functionality


* Includes new critical updates for Sync

* EndNote Site Administrators now have greater control over the Auto Update functionality. For more information, please see


* Contains critical updates to Sync and Cite While You Write functionality

Sorry to say it; it is a “worthless” update! 

I was expecting at least that the ONLINE SEARCH should be improved and facilitated as we discussed here:

But, the hurdle persists: one has to navigate up/down, right/left, back/forward, to go back to PubMed link, each time a new search is required! 

In my view, it does not deserve the upgrade!

Endnote could be much better but why it is not? I do not know…!

I am just the messenger.  I thought it would be helpful to know what it does, and doesn’t fix.  

I still do not see any improvement!

I do not see the new change, except the yellow highlighting! 

Does this needs an update of a magnitude of 0.1 ?

Months have been elapsed since some interesting discussions, but they were not taken into account! 

In addition, the main function of Endnote is:

  • to Search Rreferences Online, and,

  • to format them according to journal styles. 

Any “major” upgrade should thus take into account these two features to enhance them!

PDF annotation, as important as it might be, is not the main function of Endnote!

I am curious to find out whether the problem I have asked about elsewhere ( was an intended change; if it is, I would like to also ask its purpose. Thanks.