X5 vs X7 features

I did a search of the forum, and could not find the answer to my question, so please forgive me if this has already been asked.

I currently have EndNote X5, and am wondering what additional features are included in X7.  I could not find this information anywhere on the EndNote website, or elsewhere on the web.



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What’s New in EndNote X7?

  1. Set your preferences to create clear, organized, and easily searchable names for your PDF documents as you import them by defining your settings in PDF Handling preferences.
  2. Add citations and reference lists to your Microsoft PowerPoint slides.
  3. Add subheadings to your bibliography in Microsoft Word using your own categories or predefined by reference type in an output style–great for distinguishing primary and secondary sources.
  4. Better organize your research materials by using new reference types such as Interview, Podcast, Conference Paper, and Press Release.
  5. Reorder column headings in the Library reference list by using drag-and-drop and customize which columns display with just a right-click.
  6. Use improved Sync that occurs in the background so that your work is continuously backed up and always available online and on your iPad.
  7. Quickly identify groups that are shared in EndNote Web after the Sync process completes in EndNote desktop.
  8. Use new options to control the ratings and read/unread field display.
  9. Copy the record number to another field in a reference using the Copy feature from the Change\Move\Copy Fields command.
  10. Review program updates automatically.

Activation Changes

  1. Macintosh and Windows serial numbers and product keys are now cross-platform compatible. You can use the same key on three computers regardless of platform. Just download the additional installers at http://endnote.com.
  2. Reference Manager (versions 8 - 12) can purchase EndNote at the upgrade price and use their original upgrade serial numbers to unlock EndNote.

Features Added to EndNote X6

The current release of EndNote includes the following new features.

  1. Update and synchronize your references in EndNote desktop and EndNote Web by the click of a button. Maintain and synchronize the references in your EndNote library with the references in your EndNote Web library even across multiple computers.
  2. Change Layout options to match your monitor and preferences, such as showing the Preview, Reference, and PDF Viewer panels on the right side of the screen to fit widescreen monitors.
  3. Open PDFs in a separate PDF window for viewing references or annotating PDF files.
  4. Apply a rating to each of your references. Search your EndNote library by selecting the Rating option from the Field list.
  5. Apply a Read or Unread tag to your references from the Library window or the Reference window in order to track which references you have reviewed during your research. Set preferences to have EndNote automatically mark references as read after viewing in the Reference, Preview, and PDF Viewer panels or after changing the rating of a reference.
  6. Copy or Move the contents of one field to another field without losing the original text formatting style.
  7. Change the case of field data from the Reference window. Options include Sentence case, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Every Word, and tOGGLE cASE.
  8. Change the case of field data for all references currently “showing” in the Library window by using the Change/Move/Copy Fields command.
  9. Select different author name formats for short forms of full reference footnotes.
  10. Edit full reference footnote citations to exclude author name, year, or author/year.
  11. E-mail a selected reference with or without file attachments to your colleagues.
  12. Retrieve records in XML format from online search databases.
  13. Download records from PubMed directly to EndNote.
  14. Select the Find Broken File Attachments command to fix broken PDF and figure links.

 EndNote Display Fonts

By default, EndNote displays the recommended system font specified for your version of Windows. See Display Fonts Preferences if you want to change the font and font size on your computer when working in EndNote.

View The What’s New Video

Thomson Reuters recommends that you view our What’s New video at http://endnote.com/trainingor on our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/endnotetraining.