Endnote X5 + Lion + Word 2011 = SLOW (I am sticking with X4 for Mac)

I just downloaded the trial X5 / Mac a few days ago and noticed that the more documents I open the longer it takes to open each document. This was never an issue before. I’ve actually seen Word 2011 crash once as it paused for the doc to load. Is this only my experience? If it continues, I won’t bother to upgrade and will keep on using X4 happily. thx

PS: a day later after downgrading to X4 I can confirm that this is a bug in X5. My documents load just as they should. EndNote needs to come up with a fix for this.

Hey, how’d you get it to work at all? I would trade speed for INVISIBILITY! Seriously, how did you install it? Because my attempts have failed utterly.