Endnote X5 - mark as read


I am new to endnote so there may be a simple answer to this query that I just can’t find.

As part of my search strategy I have downloaded multiple pdfs and was wondering if there was a way to mark them as ‘read’ or ‘unread’, and subsequently to mark whether to ‘include’ or ‘exclude’ in a review process.

I am using endnote x5.

Thanks for your help


If the pdf is a file attachment to a reference in the EndNote library you could note your comment(s) in the “Research Notes” field - or better yet might be to modify a custom field specifically for this purpose if you want to reserve the “Research Notes” field for other content or would like to display the custom field in the library window. Noting the information within a field will faciliate later searching and finding the reference/pdf later on.

This feature is available in EndNote X6.