endnote X6 scrambled all my references?


I saw a couple people in past forum posts from about 2010 were having this same issue but unfortunately all the links to the help pages are now broken.

I had endnote between 2 computers, synced to Endnote web.  One computer has Endnote X6 and the other has X3. I was doing a paper on the X3 computer, and then switched to the X6, and when I hit the “update all citations” button in Word, it scrambled all the references.  For example, 

“Salts eventually dissolve and dilute to undetectable levels (Pitt et al 1999).” 


“Salts eventually dissolve and dilute to undetectable levels (Fischer et al 2003).” 

And it is apparently random too, because the same Pitt paper turned into like 2 or 3 different wrong citations.

What is going on here?  It’s kind of too late for me because this paper is due today but seriously, a bibliography software should never ever do this, it is a nightmare.  Now I’m afraid to open any other papers on this computer. 

I should rephrase my question - under what circumstances does this scrambling happen and how can I avoid it in the future?

I created a workaround by deleting the old X6 endnote library, creating a fresh one using just the data from Endnote web, and reverting to a previously saved version of the document. 

If anyone has any information on what caused this, please reply! 

Hello, lodelia:

That sounds awful; I’m so sorry! I have only seen that happen once or twice before, so it’s a little challenging to say what may have caused it. I’d love to see if we could find out.

Could you please start a support case here:


Feel free to put my name in the subject line so that it comes directly to me. I would love to get the document from you to see if we can ascertain the root cause so that this does not happen again to you, or to any users.

I noticed that you mentioned having X3 on one machine and X6 on another… May I ask why this is? You are allowed to install X6 on up to three computers for your own use, and it’s a lot simpler to do that than to switch versions constantly, especially since you can use Sync to keep the references in sync across the different machines.