EndNote X6 syncing, but only half the refs and with missing titles

I have watched the video for syncing my desktop EndNote with EndNoteWeb and a second laptop. All went well until I tried to sync with the 2nd laptop. It was only a small library with 10 refs all with pdfs. Only 5 refs came over, about half of them were missing data like titles.

Any suggestions as to cause?

With thanks


Greetings Janice,

After attempting to sync your library, there should be an entry on the left hand side of your library window called “Sync Status…”.  If you’re able to find Sync Status…, please click on this item and check to see if any text is displayed on the “Sync Errors” line.

Please let me know what you find. 

Best Regards,
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Thanks Jimmy - have been away this week, will get to it next week, as it is on one of my researcher’s computers.


Hi Janice,

I think the missing/modified data may have happened because of the steps you likely followed to setup sync on the second computer. We may have some improved steps to share soon.

In the meantime, do you have a desktop version you would like to use as a master library for the first time sync? Or, does the web library have everything you want in it?

We can help you reset your library and ensure that all the data is the same everywhere.