Sync issue with Online Sync Library on 2nd Computer; References Missing After Sync (X7)

  • I created a web account and synced for the first time a library from desktop A

  • On desktop B I created a new library and titled it the same as the library on desktop A

  • I hit sync on desktop B

  • Only 18 references appear in the B library of the 373 contained in the desktop A library

  • (These 18 all appear to be amongst the 20 or so oldest references)

  • No error message appears at any time

  • Sync Status confirms there are 373 records in the online library but only 18 in the “Local Sync Library” (desktop B)

  • I have tried the above process again already with a new library, different name and file path, with same result.

  • I have searched this forum and it seems at least one other person has had the same problem, but no solution

I would very much appreciate assisstance with getting this to work properly. Thanks in advance. 

If you haven’t already, you should contact techsupport as they seem to be able to walk you thru the steps to sync.  I would call them – contact info is on the on the support tab.

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I have found the contact details for where I am (Australia) and will call on Monday. 

Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, it’s lovely to have any kind of reply at last since I still have the issue (and especially since it may prove to be a helpful suggestion), so thank you very much. 

Hi Josh, 

I’m also experiencing the same issue and am curious to know whether you resolved the problem.

Have a current tech query with TR so will hopefully have it fixed soon.