Endnote X6 Taking a Long Time to load & delete Citations in Word 2010


I’ve been trying to find other threads about this and have found similar, but nothing related yet…excuse me if I did not look thorough enough.

I have Word 2010 and X6 and in a document I am working in, it takes 2.5 minutes to load or edit any citation in the document. That is not the case when I open a fresh Word Doc, but in this one it does. The document is 250 pages and is using about 145 sources as of now. I’ve tried the solutions listed (e.g. removing the excess libraries and working with the spell check in Word) but no avail. I have about another 150 pages to go, and the lag in time is starting to wear on my project.

Thank you for any help and advice.

Have you cleaned up the field codes?  

To clean the codes, try the instructions in the link here. (While the "problem is different, the solution is the same.)

Thanks. That did help me find some references that were not in that library, but the time it takes to insert a new citatoin is still taking the same 2.5 minutes.

Any other ideas? Could it be the actual document? I did create a new document and followed the steps on the link you posted to the letter of the law…

Thanks for the help.

You may want to contact their Tech Support on the www.endnote.com.  I would call rather than email though, if you can.  Also you could Private message me (click on my name) and (as another user), I could try looking at your document.