"Update citations and Bibliography" in Word: it takes to much in long documents

When I update “citations&bibliography” in my Word document (280 citations), it takes to much: almost 25 sec.

This is annoying, especially when I have to modify just one entrance, then, update,  and again other 25 sec.

Is this normal?

no it isn’t normal.  

sorry, that first reply went without finishing it.  I suggest that you may have a corrupted endnote field.  Follow the instructions in the knowledgebase here:  jumping cursor article.  

Excuse me, but mayble I am misunderstanding your solution.

You are saying that I’ve to delete ALL 280 citations in my 70-pages-document, aren’t you?

Then, what shall I do? Re-creating manually the 280 citations in my document?

Is this the solution?

Heavens no.  You are just returning endnote formatted fields to their convert first to temporary format, and then cleaning up the document by “convert to plain text” to remove any random garbage, and then updating to reformatting the curly bracketed endnote citations back to the formatted version (according to the output style).  If there is was corrupted field, it might need to be reinserted.  

Sometimes, just converting to temp and reformating does the trick. 

ALWAYS make a copy before doing these steps so it it all goes pear shaped, you still have the origninal.  

done it.

Nothing changed.

Still long time updating.

Then I suggest you call their support (I copied this from one of Tony’s replies)  

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or


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