Manage and Edit Citations takeing a long time (Endnote X4 & Office 2010)

I used to run Office 2003 and Endnote X2. Scince updating to Office 2010 and Endnote X4 I am expierancing the following issue.

I have 1510 references in my library and everytime I delete a citation from word it takes approximately 1 minute to update the document. This never used to happen in office 2003 and Endnote X2.

Can anyone help please?

Have you tried unformatting the citations then reformattng them?  Also: 1) What version of Windows are you using; and 2) If X2 was on the computer did you uninstall first before installing X4?

I have a similar problem with a longer document than a shorter one with the same software setup. One work-around I have used is to insert or edit the citation, then when the processing box pops up, hit “cancel.” It doesn’t cancel the inert or edit–it cancels the page refresh. I then wait until I’m walking away from the computer or doing something else, then hit the buttom to reformat the citations. EndNote then shows all the changes I’ve made. 

Not a fix, but a work-around.

Is it for any document or just one? Was the document created in an earlier version of word or Endnote? 

Have you tried CrazyGecko’s suggestion?  (unformat - reformat).  Have you updated to the most current X4.0.2 patch (see the help about page).  Finally, make sure you haven’t installed all the output styles (and filters/connections).  -  Just your fav 500 or so! 

If that doesn’t help, it really is time to call tech support - as  I (and many of my colleagues)  work with X4 and Office 2010 without this problem. 

In the meantime,

Try turning off the hyperlinking option in for the format bibliography settings.  

If that doesn’t help -it is also easier to just turn CWYW off 

I unformatted and reformated and that has not solved the issue. Yes I have updated to X4.0.2.  Will contact Techsupport

I use Word Mac 2011 and endnote X4 and I had a similar problem. You can make it stop by hitting (on the endnote bar in Word) [Format Bibliography] go to the [Instant Formatting] tab and hit [Turn Off]. Then, endnote just put in the code for the citation and you can manually update the bibliography when you eant (e.g. by hitting [Format Bibliography] and [OK].


I did just experience a problem with a laptop with Endnote X4 and discovered that it only happened when I was away from the wireless at work, and accessing a public or private wireless away from the lab.  I think that my Endnote setup or registry may have been trying to access unavailable network drives and that was significantly slowing things down.  If I shut off Wireless on the laptop, the response times were fine. 

(note the following is rather technical in nature, and may not make much sense to casual endnote users with out of the box-installations.)

The laptop also has “send to Bluetooth” which is a known conflict/problem, but I only discovered that latter, and didn’t try disabling it.  Right now, they are rebuilding the laptop, and I will see if ensuring it is set up with no “server” links (either to personal or CFDIR defined “default” folders).  The registry CFDIR folder is usually set to the C:program folder/endnote/styles location, but we have adjusted that to a network location for our networked desktops.  That setting may have been inadvertently set on the laptop too.).  Also make sure your Endnote preferences>personal folder location IS NOT pointing to the program folder location, which can also cause some hang-ups.  Users that have grown up with Endnote, pre-X2 may have retained this setting and it causes problems particularly with Vista and Windows 7 operating systems (as those directories are read only by design).

Also, EndNote absolutely requires .ens files to run.  Version X4 should be smart enough to create at least one default .ens file if it cannot find any others but you are much better off being sure that you have your personal Styles folder populated with a few .ens files first.  This might affect an installation which can’t access a network defined CFDIR folder for styles, if there are no personal styles in the My Documents Endnote/Styles folder already defined.