Endnote X6 toolbar interface

What’s new in Endnote X6? Certainly many improvements, but one major setback: for the first time the toolbar interface for Windows is better than for Mac: colored and intuitive icons vs confusing grey icons. Any suggestion besides to continue to use an earlier version of Endnote?

I couldn’t agree more. I am having thoughts of reverting to X5. However, I already removed X5 from my system, plus I shelled out for this program.

Endote X6 does have some welcome new features but overall it represents one step forwards and two steps back.

I agree; I’ve already written a complaint to customer service. Like, what were they thinking? How is removing customization and end-user (i.e., customer) choice ever a step forward?

I’m going to look into other software. Though the features they’ve added are nice, and the interface is even a bit more streamlined, I’m finding it remarkably hard to adapt (I use this software every day).