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I have just upgraded to X7 from X4 because the older version, which I liked very much, won’t work under Mavericks. The biggest cost for me of this forced downgrade (X7 adds nothing that improves my workflow) is the defective Search capacity. In X4, and every previous version I have used since Endnote 1, is that the default search option was Search Whole Library. That option is no longer even available for a first search. Even worse, if I do a subsequent search without re-selecting the library, it searches only the last set of found references. This adds no functionality for me, but does require extra unncessary key strokes for the simple task of searching my database. The result is a program bloated with features that I don’t use and that get in my way. Help!


Totally with you on this Nuso. Upgrading to Mavericks “for free” turned out to be a costly mistake. This Endnote “non-feature” is a catastrophe - why change a sensible functionality (if I enter a new search term it is because I am looking for something new, much less likely I am wanting to refine a search)? Please give us back Endnote X4 or earlier usefullness. It was and is really all we ever needed to write an article and cite the references… I would even pay a yearly fee to KEEP THINGS THE SAME…


I have had the same problem since upgrading to X7.1, although I get the “search Whole Library” for the first search, but not subsequently  (see I don’t understand why Endnote has done this: there are now two options that achieve the same result (Search whole Group; Search Showing References) but none to achieve the most basic function (Search Whole Library).


Leanne mentioned this in another thread.  I know EndNote do take a lot of notice of what goes on in these forums so it is worth posting here.  I think they need to hold back as Leanne said and is implied here, on anticipating and bloating workflows?  The lesson I think is more or less Word versus iPages?  Though Pages has had problems with its EndNote comatibility which are being resolved, its cleaner and more streamlined approach is bearing up well compared to Word.  I no longer use Word actually.
There are too many variations and combinations in the workflows that users might have now to sort of incorporate them all anyway?  There are already features on EndNote that I know NOTHING about, never use, never will use probably and only know about from these forums… 

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I have the same issue. This is so annoying. Why do you change the default behaviour of the application and do not even provide a chance to get back to the used behavior? While writing a paper, I search for a reference, insert it into my paper and then continue writing, until I need a new reference. Now I first have to grap my mouse, select “All references” in the groups panel and then search. The subsequent-search limitation adds no value at all!

Please change that!


Since it will take a while until they fix the issue, here is how I solved my the problem. I wrote an applce script, created a service in Automator for EndNote X7 and assigned the shortcut CMD+Shift+F to that Service. The Service simply simulates the Keystrikes CMD+Shift+M (Show All References) followed by CMD+Option+F for quick search.

Here is how it wordks:
This Tutorial explains you how to set up a Service with Automator: GUse Google and search for “The Basics: Using Keyboard Shortcuts with AppleScripts”. I cannot paste links in this forum (*WTF*)

In Step 2, you have to select The Application EndNote X7. Location of the App: /Applications/EndNote X7/EndNote

In Step 3, just paste the script below. For the rest, just follow the instructions in the tutorial.

on run {input, parameters}

tell application “System Events”
tell application “EndNote X7” to activate

keystroke “f” using {option down, command down}

keystroke “m” using {shift down, command down}
end tell

return input
end run