Search function in X7 for Mac

When I search my citations in Endnote X7 for Mac, if I want the search to begin in the “All References” group, I have to manually select it each time. Otherwise, each subsequent search begins in the “Search Results” group created by the previous search.

This is a huge pain in the butt. Is it possbile to make the default location for searches the “All References” group? If it helps, I’m using the search field in the top right of my Endnote window.

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Hello, johnmjones:

EndNote always searches within the showing references. This means that if you’re within a group or a search results view, if you perform a search, it will search only the references in that group or view.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

If you’d like, I can move this thread over into the Suggestions section of the forum. This is monitored by our Product Management team and is the best place to discuss functions you’d like to see in a future version of EndNote. Let me know.

Yeah; being able to search results is handy, but it would be nice if it was possible to toggle this so it isn’t the default. I need to search all references far more often than I need to search search results. If you could move it over, that would be great.

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I would like to agree. The function is nice and useful but confusing as default.

I overlooked many references until i noticed I was searching in the wrong place.

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