Endnote X7 and WOrd 2013

I see some issues have been raised by others with compatability between these two programs.  I think my issue is different.  I had a problem with the Save As and Save commands in files downloaded from emails in Outlook.  Finally, to resolve the problem (I hope, since it has taken hours with Ms techos and reinstallation of MSOffice etc)  I went through all the add-ins and disabled one by one.  The problem was fixed when I disabled CWYW Endnote X7 Add in, whereas other add ins made no difference.   So far so good except that that I need the Endnote add in to be active!!!  Next I am going to reinstall X7, when I get a chance.  In the meantime, does anyone have any experience or advice with this particular problem?

Thanks SJD1

I don’t know, as I have EndnoteX7, Word2013 and have no trouble saving from outlook?