WINDOWS 7, Endnote X1, CWYW in Word 2007

Hi all!

Anyone using Windows 7 RC1 yet?  I’m presently using it with Endnote X1, and it works fine in Vista compatibility mode.  The one problem I had is with the CWYW integration with Word 2007.  It is telling me that I have to run in administrator mode in order to insert any references.  When I change Word 2007 to administrator mode, it works OK, but can be buggy. Also, the confirmation request every time I run Word is very annoying.

Has anyone gotten this to work in non-admin mode?  Any patches or work-arounds?


Since this post’s got zero reply, let me say a bit.

Our institute and libraries still use XP Pro and Word 2003, so individual users are also staying with this combination. IMHO, this combination works best/simple/fast with Endnote. We have only a few Vista machines, mostly brought as personal choice and laptops. So, Win 7 is very far away (and sounds like futuristic technology) to me, although I have Vista 64bit at home and works fine with Endnote except for several glitches and annoying issues of Vista itself.

Huh - turns out I solved my own problem.  Stupid mistake.  I was running Endnote X1 in compatibility mode as administrator.  I therefore (apparently) had to run Word in administrator mode to be able to use the CWYW toolbar.  When I changed Endnote to non-compatibility mode and didn’t run as administrator, I could switch Word back to its regular settings. 

It seems to work well now!

Thanks for the attempts at help!