Problem with Importing citations to Endnote

I am using Microsoft Word 2010 and Endnote X6. I just bought Endnote and when I open a document to try to “export Word citations” from the Endnote tool bar within Word, I get this message: “Thisdocument does not contain any Word 2007 citations.” Moreover, I can’t right-click on a citation and do anything with the “edit citation” choice–the only tab that is available for me to click on is “more” and when I click “more” it tells me: “This document does not contain any editable citations. Citations must be formatted to use the edit citations tool.”

I’ve tried saving the document in a Word 2007 format, I’ve clicked on the convert and update tabs, but they don’t seem to make any changes to my document. 

I’m lost, please help.

The “Export Word Citations” command is only going to work if you had inserted citations into the document using Microsoft Word’s tools under the References tab. If you have typed the citations in manually, the export option will not work. The Edit & Manage Citations command only works for citations that have already been entered using the EndNote tools. If you manually entered the citations into the document, see the following article:

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Thank-you for taking the time to answer my question. Much appreciated.