Endnote x7: any PDF viewing improvements?

Does the PDF viewer within Endnote x7 offer any new improvements?

In x6, the PDF viewer did not display the table of contents/bookmarks that some PDFs have. This made navigating really long PDFs (like eBooks) very tedious.

Teabowl1, could you perhaps attach an example of a PDF with the kind of indexing you’re referring to?

It’s a feature of acrobat reader XI and maybe earlier versions, not the pdf file.

Aha, that would explain it; thanks Tom.

And, as said earlier, being able to navigate via bookmarks (usually used in ebooks to map the structure/contents of the book) is a fundamental need in using PDF-formatted books seriously - although the PDF viewing capabilities are better in X7, the absence of a bookmarks pane in X7’s PDF viewer is a serious omission.