ENdNote X7 - Features request or maybe already possible?

It would be great if the Open PDF button would  allow opening a separate window for viewing PDFs in full screen.

For example, I have a dual monitor set-up and one monitor is rotatable.  With this feature, I would easily be able to view an entire page in portrait orientation.

The ability to assign opening PDF files to external programs/viewers would be very useful and would also fulfill the above functionality request.

Importing PDF and updating reference information is a very useful, but sometimes, the PDFs are not recognized. It would be useful to allow batch editing.  I.e. a set of references would be selected, and one would then set attributes for year, journal name, volume, etc. for all of the selected references at once.



P.S. Right-clicking the PDF allows opening it with Adobe Acrobat.  However, allowing other viewing options (without hacking the Windows registry) would be even better.

It opens in the default PDF viewer designated in Windows.  So what else would you want it to open in. 

There are quite a few other readers, in addtion to programs such as Adobe Illustrator, etc.

If this is a feature you feel is needed, they have a suggestions forum here, and you can advocate for other users who feel this would be useful there.  I do little editing of the attached files, and when I do, I use Acrobate Pro, so I am not bothered by this windows defined default. 

What do you think about batch-editing of references?

If you mean having a set of records that you want to edit a field, that is in the software. It is under Tools>Change, Move, Copy fields.   A view of the dialog is attached.  But you can only edit one field at a time.  I don’t usually download a whole bunch of PDFs from a single issue of a journal. 


Thank you. This allows a work-around:

First put the selected batch into a group. Slect the group, and apply the changes. It would be nice if it would simply be applied to the highlighted/selected citations rather than everything on display.

Or just right click and show selected.  But I agree, it would make sense that it only be applied to those selected, even if other records are showing. 

Thanks again - and am I dyslexic or is it not possible to search library based on the (missing)  “Issue” attribute …

Again, most of my journals don’t want “issue”, but when I am looking for references that are incomplete, particularly if I downloaded them when they were pre-publication, I change my library view so those fields (vol pages, and  you could iuse  issue) then I sort on that field by clicking on the heading – or tools, sort library, so I can also sort on ref type, first to ignore those records that are not relevant, or search for the ref type that I am interested in first and then sort the showing references.  – then I use the “find reference updates” to get the missing information.  (select refs and rt click). 

I have a large database accumulated over the years, so column sorting is not an option. For example, replies to correspondence, commentaries and editorials about articles are published in the same issue as the original article but with different titles. Date formats can be different. Therefore, having the option to search by issue is critical for me. I have reported it as a bug (not the first time that Issue disappeared).

Issue is a Journal specific field, and lives in the “number” generic field.  Therefore, since the search is “generic” and not reference type specific, you need to search for the issue number in the “number” field.