EndNote X7 - endlessly indexing PDFs


my Endnote X7 ist seemingly endlessly indexing PDFs in my rather small library, containing 20 references and about 400 mb of attachments.

I did find out that there’s no way to stop Endnote from indexing, so my question now is: will it ever end?

The process slows down my system constantly and - which is even more disturbing - keeps me from using Endnote alltogether since I can’t unse any of the programs features while the “Indexing PDFs…”-bar shows up.

I’m using Endnote X7  with Win7 Ultimate, online Sync activated.

Thanks for any help,


HI JB27,

The PDF indexing constantly usually indicates library corruption. To resolve it try running the recover library command. With the library closed, click the tools menu in EndNote, then recover library. The recover process will create a new library with the word “saved” at the end.

Once the recover process in complete, click file/open to open the newly recovered library.

I hope this helps you out.

Thanks for your help! I somehow expected to get an eMail notification once someone replies, so I didn’t notice. The problem was the name of one of the pdf-files. It was too long. Resetting the synch and allowing endnote to re-name my pdfs solved the problem.



I had a similar problem, but repairing (I tried both versions several times) did not work!

The following solution worked for me:

  1. (before starting make a copy of your library)

  2. move the complete content of the PDF-Folder, that is located inside the *.data-Folder to a new folder on your desktop

  3. start the library (once opened, you will see all of your references, but the links to the PDF’s won’t work yet)

  4. (while Library still opened) move the PDF-content from new folder from your desktop back to the PDF-Folder inside the *.data-Folder

  5. voilá!

happy publishing!


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Thank you for the tip. Restoring library not worked; but your trick yes!!!

Thanks all for help!