'Pdf Indexing' problem

Hi all,

I have an Endnote library containing 361 eBooks (PDF).

Recently I updated from X4 to X5 with the result that when I try to open my library, Endnote tries to index all these 361 PDF again. The problem however is that at PDF 357 the indexing process is aborted with the error message ‘Endnote Error’.

Some PDF might have been corrupted when using X4 due to too long names (and paths), however I don’t know which ones. How can I circumvent the indexing process or at least somehow retrieve my library?

I’m really lost at this point and would be pleased for any solution approach,


ScreenShot 014 EndNote.jpg


In order to resolve the issue you will need to contact Technical Support and we would have you send in the library so we can use a utility to determine which of the attachments are damaged.

You can contact us directly via the web at:


Or via the phone at

Phone: 800-336-4474
at the prompt press 4, and then select the “ResearchSoft Products” option.

Once we get a copy of the library we should be able to correct the library so you can use it with EndNote.