X7.1 search problems (PDF search)

I am having some big problems with the search function lately. I believe that it is just since 7.1 update, but not positive that 7.0 was not having some of these problems also.

I normally do not use the quick search box, only specific search fields (so update to highlighted returns is not available to me

Sometimes the search criterial will change after I hit the search button (to a previous search criteria). While it appears to be searching the correct criteria it is very confusing. 

But another bigger problem is that the search PDF is apparently not working correctly. I did a search for a term in the PDF field in a group of 1100 references (with about 500 pdfs attached) and got a result of 27 references in X7.1. I re-ran the same search in X4 and the result was 226 references. This is a huge problem for me

I confirmed this on individual test by searching a PDF that had the term I was search for (not a scanned copy, so search should work) and X7 was not able to match it while the same search with X4 was able to match. This bug is going to make me uninstall and go back to an older version.

I’m having the same problem.  I would appreciate any insights or work-arounds anyone can provide.  The search function is crucial for my research.  I would also consider using a different program if necessary.

I am surprised by the lack of replies to this post. Unless it  it a very isolated problem that not many have run into, as I may have to revert to older version if I can’t fix this problem.

Does anyone think that there could be problems with index becoming corrupted or some such problem with different versions of endnote accessing the library? I would be curious to understand just how the indexing of PDF’s works, as it might help me troubleshoot.

Any thoughts on this would be helpful

I did some searchers and nothing surprising didn’t come up.  I wonder if the indexing got stuck when you converted?  Try copying some of the records to  a new library and see if the search works on them in the new library?  

I work on a MAC, and use x7.1. I am having similar problems. When I use the basic search function I do not have problems. But the multiple term search function (that appears in the center pane) does not work at all. For example, a search in ‘all references’ for 2012 not only yields no hits, the search does not register (i.e, there is no change in ‘search results’.

I reluctantly upgraded to x7 because I had upgraded my operating system to os10.9 (mavericks), and I was told that earlier versions of endnote do not work on mavericks. So I upgraded to x7. I am disappointed. HELP! 

they say a 7.2 update is due to be released in the fall… perhaps this issue will be addressed by TR?  


I experienced the same problem: when I type a term in the quick search box in the main panel, the correct results would appear, but immediately after, my search term in the quick search box would be replaced by one of my old search result.

I could fix this bug in the following way, on Endnote X7.2.1:

Menu > Edit > Preferences… > Term Lists

Then uncheck option “Suggest terms as you type”.

This problem has been been bugging me for such a long time, and now it’s gone!!!

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I just found this thread, as I have been searching for help with a problem I have been having with searches.

I am currently using EndNote X7.3 (10362) for Mac, and noticed that if I put in a search term (e.g., nanoparticles), that Endnote does not find all of the results with the term “nanoparticles” associated with them - even in something as simple as the abstract!

Strangely, Endnote is finding the term “nanoparticles” for some entries that have the term mentioned in attached PDF files, but not for other entries that clear have this term listed in the title or abstract.

I am using the search bar in the top right corner, and have tried setting the “Fields” to: Any, Any+PDF, abstract, etc. without any success. 

This is a pretty major problem… perhaps there is an update to date thread on this that I may have missed?

If anyone can make a suggestion I would appreciate it.

Hi, has anyone found an answer to this old thread?

I’ve looked through the old threads, but may have missed it.

I’ve saved all my notes in the ‘research notes’ section, and then I can usually search for it by selecting ‘research notes’ contains “X”, however now all of the searches are coming up with ‘no matching references found’ despite knowing the definitely exist. I haven’t installed any updates, so I’m just not sure what’s changed?

Any advice would be very appreciated! Lisa