Endnote X7: Full text file renaming


Right now whenever I use the full text function in end note it downloads into a PDF folder, and the folders inside the PDF folder are named after (what I believe are) the accession IDs. I was wondering if it was possible to format EndNote to name those folders by their PMIDs- or rename the full text files themselves with the PMIDs. Thank you for any help you can give me!


In Endnote preferences, there is a part called PDF handling, where you can define the preferred naming convention, including a custom section where you can choose any number of field combinations.  Is that what your are looking for?  

Yes! This is great thank you so much!

Another question- is there a way for the PDFs to download into 1 file? When I find full text and the PDF folder is created, it is further divided into a number of different folders. Is there a way to make it so that it imports into 1 folder?

Nope, at least not when developers have been asked before.  It is something to do with the way they construct the SQL database I think.  

Ah okay, thank you so much Leanne I truly truly appreciate your help! :slight_smile: