issue with importing a folder


I have the X7.5.3 version. Just updated to this before I was going to import pdfs. Importing a folder of pdfs works in that a record is indeed made and the correct pdf attached. In preferences I had asked not to rename my pdfs. However, each pdf file is nevertheless renamed by EndNote by adding < and > before and after the original pdf name. Thus Chen (2015) Review is renamed <Chen (2015) Review>. This happens to all of my pdfs, whether or not they have a DOI, and it happens both when importing a large (nearly 400) and a small number of pdfs (4). Thus eventhough new records are made, no author names, journal names, and so on, are recognized. How can I avoid that EndNote adds < and > to my pdf names?

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I can’t tell for sure, but I don’t believe it is renaming your PDF.  EndNote just can’t find the meta data from the imported PDFs you are uploading and is therefore using the name of the PDF as the title of the record and designates this with the brackets, so you can see them and don’t confuse them with authentic titles.  Scanned PDFs or old PDFs don’t have meta data, so EndNote is unable to extract the information to fill the fields of the record, so it does the best that it can.  So far EndNote does still not have the ability to recognize an existing record to attach PDFs automatically, nor does it have the facility to merge two “duplicate” records into one, keeping field info from a database upload and the PDF from auto-importing.  

Thanks for your response.

A bunch of the pdfs are published as recent as a month or two ago, and they are not scanned. They should be good. Metadata should be visible. Just tried to create a new record of a few of the most recent ones, individually, but metadata is not recognized. Pretty weird.

Hmmmm.  Can you attach one?  or let Tech support know directly?  As a user, I usually download from a database, and then find full text to retrieve the PDF, so I rarely use this workflow.  

Yes, the way I’m doing it now is highly inefficient and prone to difficulties. On the other hand, I haven’t had access to publications via a university for a while so I have no accessibility.

I will contact tech support directly. Thanks a lot for looking into my issue with importing a folder.