Endnote X7 is lowercasing "the" after a quote mark

Here’s the Journal Article title: “Keats and the charm of words: making sense of “The eve of St. Agnes”.”

No matter what I do, if I have Title Case on (and I have to, because nearly all of my titles are in lowercase), it will not capitalize that “the” in the quote. It comes out like this:

“Keats and the Charm of Words: Making Sense of “the Eve of St. Agnes.”

Obvously that’s wrong. How do I fix it?

In order to maintain the capitalization couldn’t you use Endnote’s “Change Case” feature? Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Preferences; click to select Change Case, then type in the blank box: The Eve of

You can enter the full title If you wish but all you need to do is to provide a sufficient amount of words to enable Endnote to target those particular words as opposed to applying a global change.