web references with lower case letters

Hello everyone,

I did a search and did not find this issue anywhere so I hope I am not repeating some ealier question. It seems that when I download a citation from the Library of Congress, it is imported with the title of the book in sentence format i.e. the first word is captialized but the rest of the words are in lower case. I have looked through the manual and have not been able to figure this out. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



In library cataloguing (at least in the English-speaking world), titles are always entered in sentence case.

When EndNote imports references from a database, whether by a filter or by a connection file, it has the facility to change upper case into sentence/headline, but that’s all it can do. The filters and connection files are unable to change sentence case into headline case.

When you output your reference from EndNote to Word, the output style can be configured to change capitalisation of the Title field to headline case. So that may partially solve your problem.