Capitalizing properly

I use Endnote 8.  

I have to submit a manuscript in which the capitalization rules require that, for Book Chapters (book sections), the CHAPTER title should be in “sentence style capitalization” but the BOOK title should be in “headline style capitalization”

I could change all the original database entries to “hard code” them in the proper capitalization but that would take forever and would then have to be undone for some other style.  Currently all my database entries are in “sentence style” which then allows Endnote to correct them properly.

It looks to me that there is NOT an option (at least in Endnote 8) to apply one type of capitalization to the “Title” field and a DIFFERENT type of capitalization to the “Secondary Title” field.  Is there a workaround or, better yet, is this option available in any later version of Endnote? 

Any help appreciated.


You’re quite right. The capitalization option in the output style only applies to the Primary Title field in references. There is no way of automatically changing the capitalization of the Secondary or Tertiary Title field. And this hasn’t changed in EndNote X2.

This has always been a weakness in EndNote. There is no option except to change the capitalization of the references in your library. And you may then have to change them back again when you use a different style.

There is also the option of using the format, change case option of Word, when necessary, on the final copy of the manuscript, before submission.  This saves you the back and forth for different sytles.  Just leave the library in the more commonly needed cap format.  I too would prefer that Endnote have the ability to do it automatically. 

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