Invisible Reference List

I am working in Word 2007 on EndNote X. I inserted my references into a draft and everything seemed fine until I sent the draft to a colleague. He said that he could see the citation markers in the text but that the reference list was not present. I could see it just fine on my computer. I thought that perhaps removing the fieldcodes would help, but this made no difference, he still could not see the now plain-text reference list.

When I save the draft as a .pdf file, the references are in fact not there. I tried copying and pasting the references into a separate word document, which works until you print preview or save as pdf, which then brings up a blank document.

I have been working with EndNote for many years and never had a problem like this. If anyone can help me it would be most appreciated!


This sounds way too complicated to address here on the forum without sharing the document.  Which output style are you using?  It seems very strange if the bibliography listing is not visible once the field codes have been removed? 

You can’t attach a word document without “tricking” the forum software by changing the dot suffix to something like dot-txt and then telling us what it should be. 

Otherwise, it may be quicker to talk to tech support, although I am not sure they support Endnote X any longer but they have stated that  X works with MSWord2007.  There are some other issues though, if using Vista or Winning (see this FAQ).