EndNote X7 - updatiing citations too slow/no response

Hi - the last post on this subject was in 2014.  Has there been an update to fix the problem?.  I am about to submit my 300 page thesis but … everytime I move/add/delete an item, the pop-box box tells me that Endnote is updating in-text citations - and then, almost immediately, tells me that it is not responding.  I wait … and wait … and wait … and eventually it updates.  This is really frustrating, and I’d like a ‘fix’  please.

The recommendations haven’t changed.  Make a copy  of the document.  

The on the copy – Accept all tracked changes.

If that doesn’t help.  There is probably a corrupt field, but you could first also try turning off the “Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography”  in the Configure Bibliography, format bibliography tab. That is a waste of time for a printed document like a thesis.  

Make sure there are no corrupted fields.   Which means following the steps in this knowledge base article:


However, this requires that you have the original library that the document was formated with.  If there are any citations that a colleague inserted from their library (for example) they live in the ether in the so called “traveling library” – you can export your cited references into a new library - just in case, but then you will need to select them one by one, as the record numbers won’t match.