Taking too long to update citations and then Word rashes


I am writing my thesis in MS Word (from Office Professional Plus 2013) and using Endnote X7.7.1. I have the latest updates for Endnote.

As a precaution I wrote the whole thesis (~240 references) with unformatted citations and the option “Instant Formatting” off. I have finished writing so I am clicking on Update Citations and Bibliography to pass the citations and bibliography to formatted versions and I find a series of issues.

From all, the most important is that the update takes literally hours. From 5 times I have tried this process, only one has been succesful. The other 4 times, I waited nearly 2 hours and the update is just not progressing beyond so I have to cancel it and then Word crashes.

I keep trying because of the one time it actually worked. I am keeping different versions of the document for every time I try. In the one who worked, every time I try to delete a formatted reference (using “Edit and Manage Citations…”), the same, it goes and takes hours to update .

It is not the case that Endnote is waiting for some input from my side while I update, as I constantly check Endnote state too.

Is anybody else experience a situation like this? This is really annoying and being this far in my thesis, I need a work around, so if someone can give me some advice it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,