Endnote x7 wrong numbering

Good morning everyone. I am actually using Endnote x7 with microsoft word 365 and I am having a problem with bibliography: when I put third reference the system changes it to number 1 and first two citations in number 2 and 3. I really don’t understand what the problem really is and I would be grateful if anybody could help me. 

Thanks in advance

Where are you putting that citation?  If in  a text box or other “protected” environment, Word handles those fields first. See this thread: http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-How-To/Citation-numbering-in-text-boxes/m-p/205#M8 From which the following solution is taken.  

Just putting this solution here too.  The trick is to use a frame instead of a textbox.  Here is the simplest way to insert a frame in Word 2010/2013.  (Just to note that this “feature” also affect words ability to include figure titles in tables for those of you who are working on long documents with tables of figures and tables of tables).  



You can also view the KB article on this problem here

New Clarivate site:  https://support.clarivate.com/Endnote/s/article/ka1390000004b8QAAQ/EndNote-Citation-numbers-out-of-order  

and the original KB article on TR’s pages: http://endnote.com/kb/82359 

Some numbered styles want the bibliography to be alphabetically by authors and this makes the in-text numbers not being chronologically anymore. What is the name of the style you are using?

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Jan Ove